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Serial Converters

USB Serial Adapter or USB Serial Converter


The difference between a USB serial adapter and a USB serial converter is that a RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 adapter will allow for additional connections to a serial network from a USB host system. This may be from a series of DB-9 cable connections or terminal wire connections within a metal chassis. it will adapt and send information to the system generally through and RS-232 protocol from the same signal type devices such as modems, printers, or cameras. A serial converter converts an RS-232 serial signal to a RS-485 and passively balances the differential signals. A pin-out structure may be something like below:


DB9 Pin # RS232C Signal

  1. DCD
  2. RXD
  3. TXD
  4. DTR
  5. GND
  6. DSR
  7. RTS
  8. CTS
  9. RI

Pin # DB9 Male Terminal Board

  1. D-/B D+/A
  2. D+/A D-/B
  3. GND
  4. +5V ~ +12V
  5. GND -
  6. +5V ~ +12V -

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