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8 Port RS422 & RS485

Serial RS422/RS485 Port Uses

Host USB connections to Serial connectors are a communication gateway of sorts to the end user device. The DB9 male pin out on the serial connector carries the designated signal to the adapter to be processed, see below:

  • Pin 1: Data Carrier Detect (DCD)
  • Pin 2: Receive Data (RD)
  • Pin 3: Transmit Data (TD)
  • Pin 4: Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
  • Pin 5: Ground
  • Pin 6: Data Set Ready (DSR)
  • Pin 7: Request to Send (RTS)
  • Pin 8: Clear to Send (CTS)
  • Pin 9: Ringing Indicator (RI)

Serial port use includes the connection and communication between terminal, printer, modem, or any other device that would need to communicate the Data transfer via a signal using the RS232, RS422, RS485 protocol standards.

Terminal Block Connection Modes for Serial Output

This is still an serial interface but the pin out determines the mode being used, terminal block versatility allows for mode settings as needed. See Pin (wire) Specifications.

Pin# Signal Name Supported Modes
1 TX+ (DATA+)  RS485 2-WIRE, RS485 4-WIRE, RS422
2 TX- (DATA-)  RS485 2-WIRE, RS485 4-WIRE, RS422
3 RX+ RS485 4-WIRE, RS422
4 RX-  RS485 4-WIRE, RS422
5 GND  RS485 2-WIRE, RS485 4-WIRE, RS 422 & RS232
6 RXD  RS232
7 TXD RS232

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