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16 Port RS-232 Adapters

Industrial, Mountable 16COM Port Serial Adapters

The 16-Port Serial Adapters above are heavy duty and rack mountable for industrial applications, they can be mounted to a 19" rack for support of their cables and chassis. The difference between them is the Data Signal usage where one adapter uses RS-232 and the other adds support for RS-422 and RS-485 so all serial protocols can be used.

What is RS-422 and RS-485?

Both RS-422 and RS-485 are technical standards that specify a digital signaling circuits and their electrical characteristics, however, RS-422 uses twisted pair (wiring in which two conductors of a signal circuit are twisted together to cancel electromagnetic interference), it also uses a single driver circuit that cannot be switched off. RS-485 uses differential balanced line which allows for a larger transmit distance, it still uses two wires implemented by Linear Bus Topologies which is a type of network. Simply put the RS-485 makes use of nodes connected as a Point to Point line.

DIN-Rail mounting is a plus when the intended application is industrial, this could mean the adapter in some way requires attachment to a stable source, a communication rack for example. The 16-Port Serial Adapters also use Screw-Lock features which allow for a secure attachment to the adapter and help to prevent accidental disconnect of signal or cable from the device.

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