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32 Port RS-232 Adapters

RS-232 Serial Adapters Using RJ45 Connectors

Using a 32-Port Serial Adapters adds 32 communication ports to your system, in the product above this is accomplished by using a modular connector (RJ45 jack) at the adapter itself that transmits signal to the DB9 serial connector at the opposite end. A Serial Cable connection is made via an included 3ft cable with a RJ45 jack at one end and the DB9 male RS-232 connector at the other.

Industrial serial adapters of this type are constructed differently because of the amount of ports associated with its output, while the output stems from an RJ45 jack to RS-232 connector, this would be considered the interface between a 3rd party DB9 female cable end and the actual communication equipment. The 32-Port Serial to USB Adapter itself still transmits Data received from communication devices it's attached to through a USB cable connection with its host computer.

Why use RJ45 jacks as a serial connection? RJ45 jacks are modular in design and a standard in telecommunications connections for Ethernet and phone lines, therefore their ability to transmit/receive Data has already been proven, they are compact and light weight and ideal for connecting to and getting the most communication out of a serial adapter design that will still provide for 19 inch rack mounting. It is easily put into production and may even replace some existing serial communication transmitters currently in your systems.

Getting the most out of your Industrial RS-232 32-Port Serial Adapter

Your new 32-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter is constructed of a rugged metal chassis that contains the main RJ45 connector jacks, it is rack mountable and can be placed into a 19 inch COM Rack to act a your serial hub for your serial communication devices. A power cord is included for its built-in switching power supply and follows what has now become standard in the use of USB devices, Plug-and-Play installation. The Serial Adapter is easily installed and may clean up cable clutter because of its engineered design.

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