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4 Port RS-232 Adapters

More RS-232 Serial Ports Please!

As the quantity of RS232 serial ports changes, inherently so does the way that you use the adapter. Look at the products above as opposed to the 1 or 2-Port RS-232 Serial Adapters, you'll find now that the design, construction, and in many case the intended application has changed.

While heavy duty cables or molded construction is still used in various lengths, Metal RS-232 Serial Adapters are being introduced for both Commercial and Industrial while keeping a desktop style look, complete with LED indicators. DIN-Rail Mounting is available either built-in to the metal housing or as a separate bracket mounting system depending on your application

Difference between DIN-Rail Mount and Desktop

DIN-Rails for mounting have been used widely as a way to mount circuit breakers and industrial control equipment to equipment racks for stability and strength. The USB to RS-232 Serial Adapters with a DIN-Rail mount are generally meant for an industrial type environment where stability is a must to keep the adapter unit stationary. Desktop RS232 serial adapters are meant to support the RS232 serial connections for more of an office environment where a secure cable connection may take precedence over keeping the adapter stationary in a place where it may not be in danger of being moved.

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