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8 Port RS-232 Adapters

8-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapters

Multiple port USB to serial adapters allows for the expansion of your systems peripheral serial devices as your requirements grow. Their purpose is to add more than one serial communication device to your system as a serial hub of DB9 RS-232 connectors from your host PC's available USB port. Connecting serial modems, printers, or routers can be connected and be used simultaneously in an office environment where equipment needs to be centrally located in a Data center.

Some USB to Serial Adapters are suitable for both commercial and industrial use as they are constructed with Plastic, Aluminum, and Metal chassis. Your application uses will help you determine which type of serial adapter to choose for your environment.

RS-232 Serial Adapter Uses

  • Basic RS-232 serial cabling would generally be used on singular pieces of equipment, however, a multiple port serial adapter using a cable system stems from a control box to distribute the serial signal to each serial device.
  • Plastic or Aluminum housed 8-Port Serial Adapters can be used in Commercial or Desktop applications where a central location is used for equipment that requires a serial signal.
  • Metal RS-232 Serial Adapters can be used in industrial environments where making sure the connection or adapter unit itself can be secured. These metal cased serial adapters can be DIN-Rail mounted to a Data Rack or other stable source to limit any movement. They also include a Screw-Lock for cable connections to secure the cable and prevent accidental disconnection from your devices.

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